Character Attribute/Stat Definition

In EVE Online, characters are defined by several attributes, Intelligence, Perception, Charisma, Willpower, and Memory.

Intelligence is helpful with things involving mathematics and physics, and also social and industrial things.

Perception is used for determining how well the PC can sense his environment and how quickly and effectively he reacts to this information.

Charisma is a measure of how well the PC interacts with other people, be it personal, social, or political interactions.

Willpower is probably best described as how the PC does in stressful situations and how long he can maintain focus during those times.

Memory measures how well a PC can retain and recall information.

So these are the basic stats in EVE Online, should there be a different system for Adam?  More or fewer attributes?  Percentage based stats, or should we keep it simple since the game will need to minimize game lag while PC orders and roleplaying shoot back and forth between the Admin and the players?

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