How do we start? At the beginning…

Trying to get a grip on how players begin the long journey to become masters of their domain, the guys who sit in the center of the web and make the new PCs as well as NPCs dance to their tunes.

I would think the bare minimum starting equipment would consist of:

1 Player Character (with 5 copies of their gene-template in stasage)

x points to modify some of the basic skills they know from PC creation process, this lets the players customize their PCs a little.

1 FTL-capable starship

1 loadout package for said ship which will depend somewhat on the path they choose (straight up ex-military, trader, explorer, researcher, etc)

x Credits to buy ammo, etc.

The PCs will start in a part of the Universe depending on their race/species and within THAT space depending on one of several choices they make generating their PC.

I kind of like the old basic Traveler character generation system, which would start the PCs not as babes in the woods but with a detailed background and years of experience before they start their current PC career, it also allowed them to accumulate various possessions, money, and what-not.

Game Terms:

stasage: a form of storage where a bubble of no-time forms around something, instantly freezing it so when it the package is opened later it is in exactly the condition it was in when the stasage was created, no time passes inside.

gene-template: used to clone living organisms, this is a small cube 6 inches on a side that stores everything about an organism including memories at the time it is created.

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