The Milky Way Galaxy, Earth 2538.1(365).0000(2400)

Game start: Year 2538, Day 1, 0000 LST (Earth Local Standard Time)

Earth is not a unified world government, several major conflicts (timeline will be covered in detail elsewhere) have resulted in a disbursement of most of the population to nearby stars. Earth’s population stands at 213 billion (partly due to unrestricted gene-labs and the Vazyor-Kushima Fertility Virus), outsystem population is 45 billion across 29 stars. FTL Capability is maturing since the technology was discovered in 2017.54(365).1730(2400). Nanotechnology is limited by the Unified Preservation Accords of ’23.

There are 7 major power blocs, trade between the Earth and the 29 core systems is heavy, popular consensus among political figures is that all powers want to be in strong positions in and out-system and that a large scale war is not viable nor desirable until the blocs are much more widely scattered.

11 alien races have been contacted in several outlying systems (inside the farline) and are not hostile toward Terrans. A new system of trans stellar highways is being put in place and will facilitate much larger transfers of cargo and organics between the 29 core systems and potentially new systems out to the farline.


One response to this post.

  1. Bumping start date to 2538 from 2038. Just wanted to have a little more room between the here and now and “the future.”

    Yes, this should do it, as a salute to Buck Rogers, 2538 seems like a much more interesting time frame to begin.


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