Core Rules, all hail Mongoose Publishing.

I’ve decided to use the reprinted and revised Traveler RPG rules by Mongoose Publishing as a major source of character creation, planet building, trade, etc, the rules seem simple enough to use via text-back and forth gameplay, won’t get in the way of the story, and I can flesh them out if I need more depth.

Ran across the core rulebook at Barnes&Noble and am reading through it. I still love the career path concept where you pick a number of 4 year terms in a character class and accumulate experience, money, contacts and possessions through this pre-game character history. It also can be used to provide quite a bit of background history by me since I can see exactly where the PCs have been. PLUS I can use the same thing for NPCs who populate the game.

Wow.. I am so glad Traveler (the original, not Megatraveller and such) has been redone by another company. It deserved to be reprinted.


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