Mapping the Light Fantastic

Spent the last several days tracking down star data so I can get the near area of space as technically accurate as possible.  As we move away from Earth, new stars will be generated as needed within the general outline of our galaxy.

Winchell Chung gets mojo-rific props from me as he already did a huge amount of work gathering up star data and making it available to anyone who wants to use it, I’ll be crediting him where appropriate, he has one of the best web sites, bar none, when it comes to presenting an enormous amount of science fiction literature to anyone interested in space, spaceships, and maps.

So I have everything I need to lay out my star map out to 15 parsecs from Sol, although the farline only goes out to about 9 parsecs.  What lies beyond that border could be summed up best by “Here be Dragons.”


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