Tiiiiiiii-iiiiiii-iiiii-iii-mmmmm-e is on myyyyyyy side! Yes it issss.

I’ve decided that like EVE Online, ADAM Offline will run real-time.  For every day that passes in the real world, an equal day will pass in ADAM.  However, the difference between the two is that a player in ADAM can plan their character’s off-stage actions as long-term as they wish.  They submit their Game Log with anything they want to happen off-stage, and those plans will be executed for as long as they remain valid.  Long term mining, travel, company actions, triggers for some future event, etc, all fall within the off-stage part of the game.  The beauty of this method is that players are never required to sit in front of their computers for hours on end mining asteroids or producing components in factories, or even travelling ad-nauseum all day long to gather parts, passengers,  cargoes, auction items, or any of the things they regularly have to fly all over the place to make sure it gets done right.

Since their PCs are actual people in the ADAM universe, they can interact and hire NPCs as long as they have the money to do so.  They can cultivate the contacts they gain during their pre-game career development, they can gain new contacts, meet patrons, sign up for missions from government agents, even sightsee various systems.  Like RPG’s from the old days, anything the characters want to do, they can ATTEMPT to do, and they can hook up with other players, be they friends in the same neighborhood, or people scattered all over the place that they meet in the game.  How do they know they are other players and not NPC’s?

Traveller’s Lodges.  These are facilities maintained in each system by a shadowy cartel of organizations, and in some cases there are multiple Lodges in a single system.  Here players can leave open notes to other players describing something they need filled and put up items or information they want to sell, or private notes as well, and there are spots throughout the Lodge, either public or private, where groups of PCs can meet.

For any direct adventuring or role-playing the character which the player wants to also plan, he can do so normally above and beyond off-stage gaming.


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