Information Gathering

We are not dead, all our space cadets are unable to defeat Gorf!

Kidding, been a little slow here, hell a standstill, but just gathering information to form the background of the game.  Am busily plotting stars, and points of interest out to the farline.  Which is about 9 parsecs in any direction, near as anyone can tell who has returned alive.  Be it in survival pod, stasage buoy, or functioning Explorer vessel.

The home world (Earth), as well as the 29 Prime Colonies, are slowly being developed as well as a timeline for events which branched off of actual history around 1976 AD or so.  If anyone has any great images of planets that they think would make an excellent backdrop for any of the Prime Colonies, feel free to link to it here.  If it’s public domain and/or not copy protected I’ll add it to the list and consider a suggestion by the finder for the name of a Prime Colony.

Now it’s back to the research, some of the inspiration and sources I am using are Mongoose Publishing Traveller RPG, Rogue Trader RPG (Warhammer 40k), Stewart Cowley’s excellent Terran Trade Authority, the Liaden Universe, Perry Rhodan, EE Doc Smith, and Piers Anthony’s Kirlian Series.  Those are a few of the sources, barely scratching the surface.   The mood in Terran Trade Authority is one I really enjoyed, back when we loved the atmosphere more than the mechanics of the story’s setting.

While it will be a while before we go off on the scales of EE Doc Smith, it’s possible if you play long enough and survive the challenges of the game that you might be knocking on the bad guys door with a fleet of Skylark planet-sized dreadnoughts.


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