Earth, Thumbnail 2538.1(365).0000(2400).aaa

The Earth in 2538 is a bit different from 2010.  There are 7 major “nations” which are bound together as gigantic trade families.  The remaining nations on the planet form smaller unaligned clans which offer the larger families buffer zones between competing families.  At times, smaller clans within the larger families will splinter off and form similar neutral buffers.  Many times, clans within the larger families maintain lineages going back to the older nations which make up the families.

Power bloc: (AFFT) American Federation of Free Traders (USA/Canada/UK)

Made up primarily of the former USA, Canada, and United Kingdom, the AFFT is headed by Victor St-Pierce, nominally a citizen of the Canadian St-Pierce clan.  He has held his executive position for some 18 years, having succeeded Dominique Escadian.  Dominique was killed under suspicious and classified circumstances in 2219.189.xxxx. The AFFT is arguably the most advanced of the various families, at least in space-based areas such as ship construction, solar energy collection, and exo-planetary mining.

Power bloc: (GKH) Golden Kingdom of Heaven (China/India/Indonesia)


Power bloc: (TGDA) Tangdao Accord (taiwan/hong kong/australia/new zealand)


Power bloc: (UPIC) Unified Persian Islamic Conglomerate (iran/iraq/saudi arabia/africa)


Power bloc: (SMST) Sovmerc States (Russia/old ussr states)


Power bloc: (EUCA) Euroforge Cartel (Europe/italy/spain)


Power bloc: (TYCS) Tiyaloxac City States (Mexico/south america)



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