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I just couldn’t handle how difficult it is JUST TO CHANGE THE WIDTH of my blog entry column.  So, even though I have to pay for squarespace, I get a lot more control.  I tried the CSS Edit upgrade here but had no clue what to do, and judging by the forum here it is pretty much a “you’re on your own” mentality.

The stats here were good, but I am now switched over to squarespace at the above URL.  Feel free to stop by, voice any comments you want to.


Earth, Thumbnail 2538.1(365).0000(2400).aaa

The Earth in 2538 is a bit different from 2010.  There are 7 major “nations” which are bound together as gigantic trade families.  The remaining nations on the planet form smaller unaligned clans which offer the larger families buffer zones between competing families.  At times, smaller clans within the larger families will splinter off and form similar neutral buffers.  Many times, clans within the larger families maintain lineages going back to the older nations which make up the families.

Power bloc: (AFFT) American Federation of Free Traders (USA/Canada/UK)

Made up primarily of the former USA, Canada, and United Kingdom, the AFFT is headed by Victor St-Pierce, nominally a citizen of the Canadian St-Pierce clan.  He has held his executive position for some 18 years, having succeeded Dominique Escadian.  Dominique was killed under suspicious and classified circumstances in 2219.189.xxxx. The AFFT is arguably the most advanced of the various families, at least in space-based areas such as ship construction, solar energy collection, and exo-planetary mining.

Power bloc: (GKH) Golden Kingdom of Heaven (China/India/Indonesia)


Power bloc: (TGDA) Tangdao Accord (taiwan/hong kong/australia/new zealand)


Power bloc: (UPIC) Unified Persian Islamic Conglomerate (iran/iraq/saudi arabia/africa)


Power bloc: (SMST) Sovmerc States (Russia/old ussr states)


Power bloc: (EUCA) Euroforge Cartel (Europe/italy/spain)


Power bloc: (TYCS) Tiyaloxac City States (Mexico/south america)


Information Gathering

We are not dead, all our space cadets are unable to defeat Gorf!

Kidding, been a little slow here, hell a standstill, but just gathering information to form the background of the game.  Am busily plotting stars, and points of interest out to the farline.  Which is about 9 parsecs in any direction, near as anyone can tell who has returned alive.  Be it in survival pod, stasage buoy, or functioning Explorer vessel.

The home world (Earth), as well as the 29 Prime Colonies, are slowly being developed as well as a timeline for events which branched off of actual history around 1976 AD or so.  If anyone has any great images of planets that they think would make an excellent backdrop for any of the Prime Colonies, feel free to link to it here.  If it’s public domain and/or not copy protected I’ll add it to the list and consider a suggestion by the finder for the name of a Prime Colony.

Now it’s back to the research, some of the inspiration and sources I am using are Mongoose Publishing Traveller RPG, Rogue Trader RPG (Warhammer 40k), Stewart Cowley’s excellent Terran Trade Authority, the Liaden Universe, Perry Rhodan, EE Doc Smith, and Piers Anthony’s Kirlian Series.  Those are a few of the sources, barely scratching the surface.   The mood in Terran Trade Authority is one I really enjoyed, back when we loved the atmosphere more than the mechanics of the story’s setting.

While it will be a while before we go off on the scales of EE Doc Smith, it’s possible if you play long enough and survive the challenges of the game that you might be knocking on the bad guys door with a fleet of Skylark planet-sized dreadnoughts.

Tiiiiiiii-iiiiiii-iiiii-iii-mmmmm-e is on myyyyyyy side! Yes it issss.

I’ve decided that like EVE Online, ADAM Offline will run real-time.  For every day that passes in the real world, an equal day will pass in ADAM.  However, the difference between the two is that a player in ADAM can plan their character’s off-stage actions as long-term as they wish.  They submit their Game Log with anything they want to happen off-stage, and those plans will be executed for as long as they remain valid.  Long term mining, travel, company actions, triggers for some future event, etc, all fall within the off-stage part of the game.  The beauty of this method is that players are never required to sit in front of their computers for hours on end mining asteroids or producing components in factories, or even travelling ad-nauseum all day long to gather parts, passengers,  cargoes, auction items, or any of the things they regularly have to fly all over the place to make sure it gets done right.

Since their PCs are actual people in the ADAM universe, they can interact and hire NPCs as long as they have the money to do so.  They can cultivate the contacts they gain during their pre-game career development, they can gain new contacts, meet patrons, sign up for missions from government agents, even sightsee various systems.  Like RPG’s from the old days, anything the characters want to do, they can ATTEMPT to do, and they can hook up with other players, be they friends in the same neighborhood, or people scattered all over the place that they meet in the game.  How do they know they are other players and not NPC’s?

Traveller’s Lodges.  These are facilities maintained in each system by a shadowy cartel of organizations, and in some cases there are multiple Lodges in a single system.  Here players can leave open notes to other players describing something they need filled and put up items or information they want to sell, or private notes as well, and there are spots throughout the Lodge, either public or private, where groups of PCs can meet.

For any direct adventuring or role-playing the character which the player wants to also plan, he can do so normally above and beyond off-stage gaming.

The quest for the holy theme

Don’t mind me changing the blog theme all the time, I noticed that different themes sometimes remove certain functions that I like, in this case the link I added to a very good site by Winchell Chung.  I really liked the dark black background with the orangie titles, but no blogroll for extra links.

Need to find out if CSS upgrade would let me use the other theme and add the blogroll back.

I do like this theme as well, it gives me nice wide text columns so everything doesn’t get squeezed in a narrow column.


So I am trying to wrap my head around it, and after seeing how successful EVE Online is, one could do worse than try and emulate portions of it.  The simple fact of the matter is that until one has huundreds of thousands of players, a living breathing economy is really only something that can be simulated.  I wish I could go back and see what the EVE system looked like when they first started it (as a closed system) and when they changed it to an open system.

The concept is simple, really: Buy a cargo at a given price, transport it somewhere you think people will want to buy it and sell it for more than you originally paid.  After all expenses are taken into account, were you profitable?  Stocks are a whole other world of hurt.

So we need a system that can offer the following:

1. Speculative Cargo that can be bought and sold.  Brokers can come in handy.

2. Commodities (items which are usually mass produced by a local economy) which can be transported from one economy to another.  The trader bids for the opportunity to carry these commodities.

3. Stocks (shares of companies) which can be bought and sold either short or long term, and which depend upon the company which offers the shares becoming more valuable by what it produces.

So, anybody have any input on this?

How do we start? At the beginning…

Trying to get a grip on how players begin the long journey to become masters of their domain, the guys who sit in the center of the web and make the new PCs as well as NPCs dance to their tunes.

I would think the bare minimum starting equipment would consist of:

1 Player Character (with 5 copies of their gene-template in stasage)

x points to modify some of the basic skills they know from PC creation process, this lets the players customize their PCs a little.

1 FTL-capable starship

1 loadout package for said ship which will depend somewhat on the path they choose (straight up ex-military, trader, explorer, researcher, etc)

x Credits to buy ammo, etc.

The PCs will start in a part of the Universe depending on their race/species and within THAT space depending on one of several choices they make generating their PC.

I kind of like the old basic Traveler character generation system, which would start the PCs not as babes in the woods but with a detailed background and years of experience before they start their current PC career, it also allowed them to accumulate various possessions, money, and what-not.

Game Terms:

stasage: a form of storage where a bubble of no-time forms around something, instantly freezing it so when it the package is opened later it is in exactly the condition it was in when the stasage was created, no time passes inside.

gene-template: used to clone living organisms, this is a small cube 6 inches on a side that stores everything about an organism including memories at the time it is created.